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Cremation has become more and more prevalent when it comes to funerals in Massachusetts. That being said, most people’s knowledge of how cremation works and the limitations it creates for meaningful funeral services is limited to say the least. Here, we will explain cremation in its entirety and how it affects your funeral services if you choose it.

First of all, cremation is a type of disposition of human remains. Meaning it is only an alternative to burial or entombment, not a type of funeral service. This means that you may still, if you choose to do so, have a viewing and a funeral service prior to your body being cremated.

Why choose cremation if you are still looking to have a full funeral you may be asking? Most people still want to have a viewing and some sort of service with their body present while avoiding costly cemetery and other fees involved with burial. Also, cremation opens up many more opportunities for meaningful ways to keep your loved one close in your thoughts.

  • Cremation Jewelry – Lockets, blown glass pendants, and other options where a small amount of your loved ones cremated remains are safely placed inside.
  • Blown Glass Sculptures – Customized hand crafted blown glass with a small amount of cremated remains mixed into the glass while it is still in its molten stage. People like how with this option every piece is one-of-a-kind.
  • Biodegradable Urns – Urns that are specially designed to degrade under a newly planted tree or garden so that whatever grows there is a constant reminder of your loved one.

Although not all of these options are for everyone, the point is that cremation opens limitless possibilities of how you can honor and remember your loved one.

Here at Shepherd’s, we believe in taking care of every aspect of funerals in our care in house, with our trusted personnel. Unfortunately, in the state of Massachusetts a funeral home cannot legally have cremation equipment or handle cremations themselves. We like to not only educate but also be full disclosure on aspects of our services so below is a link to Duxbury Crematory’s page on the Town of Duxbury Website where you can see pictures and descriptions of their state-of-the-art facility newly opened in 2012.

See Duxbury Crematory Website Here

Doug Shepherd has been building a relationship with Duxbury Crematory since they opened in 1980. It is important to Doug and Garret that the same care and professionalism that we take for your loved one is continued when we bring them to Duxbury Crematory to be cremated.

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